For many seniors and individuals with disabilities, accessibility to medical cannabis therapy can seem a daunting process. This can include barriers to access including:

~ accessibility to technology (computers, cell phones etc.),

~ hearing and other disability issues

~ financial difficulties

We would like to address many solutions to barriers for access that our clinic and many licensed producers have created to close the rift between impacted individuals and their access to medical cannabis therapy.

At Hello Medical Clinic, we can offer assistance to anyone who has difficulty accessing a computer or other methods of technology. Our intake form and other administrative documents can be completed over a phone call with one of our patient educators.

For those with hearing or other disability issues, we offer completely virtual appointments (by phone or video conference), and we can work with you to create an individualized plan to address and rectify accessibility to our services. When you call or email our clinic, you can mention your concerns and we will do our utmost to alleviate any issues.

For those suffering financial difficulties, Hello Medical Clinic’s services are completely free of charge. As well, when it comes to the time to connect our patients with a licensed producer, we can consider any financial difficulties that you have. We will attempt to connect you with a licensed producer that offers discounts to individual patients. Discounts can vary and depend on age, disability, and if you are or were a veteran or first responder.

One of our patient educators can answer any questions that you may have.