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Access to medical Cannabis has never been easier.

Cannabis can be used medicinally to improve your quality of life. Let us guide you through medical authorization and management in Ontario.

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Managed care for patients seeking relief

No doctor? No problem!

When pain fails to respond to standard treatments, cannabis represents hope for a better quality of life. Our healthcare practitioners specialize in access to medical cannabis.

1. Speak to a Team Member

Learn if medical cannabis is right for you. Talk to a patient advisor by phone or email. (info@hellocannabismedical.com).

2. Book an Appointment

Meet with a healthcare practitioner by phone or virtually, to determine whether medical cannabis is right for you.

3. Authorization & Access

When access is granted, our team provides you with cannabis education and connects you with a licensed producer.

4. Ongoing Management

Hello Cannabis will monitor the effectiveness of your therapy to refine it or discontinue it if necessary.

Provincially billed services with no charge

The cost of medical cannabis is not currently covered by OHIP, but Hello Cannabis does not charge for consultation.

Authorized by Health Canada

A medical document, like the kind provided through Hello Cannabis, is the legal way to access medical cannabis in Canada.

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