• What Is The Process for Access to Medical Cannabis?

    1. Call 1-877-281-1223 to self refer (or have your doctor fill in a Physician Referral Form and Fax it to Hello Cannabis at 1-855-808-3853).
    2. Complete an intake form and book an appointment.
    3. Meet our healthcare practitioner who will go over your health history in order to determine if medical cannabis is suitable for you. If they deem it suitable, they will provide a medical document.
    4. If medical cannabis is authorized, a patient educator will counsel you about products that would be good options for you, and assist you with registration with the best matched licensed producer from whom you will order your cannabis.
    5. Follow up contact is ongoing to ensure that you are managing your cannabis needs.
  • Who is eligible for Medical Cannabis?  

    Each patient is assessed by our healthcare practitioner. If the healthcare practitioner deems the patient to be a suitable candidate for medical cannabis, they will provide a medical document.

  • What is a Medical Document?

    In Canada, a healthcare practitioner authorizes access to cannabis, rather than writing a prescription. This medical document is similar to a prescription and indicates that your health practitioner has authorized your use of cannabis for a medical condition.

    The medical document contains specific information including your name, date of birth, dosage (grams per month), duration of access (a number of months for which you have access) and THC potency limits.

  • Once I have access, where do I get my Medical Cannabis?  

    Once you have a medical document, you must select and register with a licensed producer. Our patient educator helps you do this. You will order your cannabis from this licensed producer after our patient educator assists you in selecting the most appropriate product for you.

    You can order your medical cannabis from the licensed producer online or over the phones.

  • Once I have had my appointment with the healthcare practitioner, how long does it take to receive my medicine? 

    After your appointment, and once your selection and registration with a licensed producer is made, you can make your first purchase online or over the phone.

    The entire process - from appointment to receipt of product - will take a few days (usually less than a week).

  • How is my medical cannabis delivered?  

    Most license producers use Canada Post or carriers such as Purolator or FedEx for delivery of their products.

    Some licensed producers have free delivery.

  • If I have questions about cannabis, will Hello Cannabis provide ongoing support?  

    Hello Cannabis Clinic is also an Education Centre. They are committed to providing ongoing support and education to patients as needed.

  • Is cannabis covered by my insurance company?  

    More and more insurance companies are beginning to cover medical cannabis for their members.

    Check with your insurance company to find out if the cost of your cannabis will be covered.

  • What is compassion pricing? 

    Many licensed producers offer compassion pricing to those with limited or fixed incomes in order to ease the financial burden of purchasing medicine. Each licensed producer has their own unique set of criteria.

  • I am a veteran. Are there discounts available for me?  

    Veterans Affairs Canada's reimburses Veterans for up to three grams per day of dried cannabis, or its equivalent in fresh marijuana or cannabis oil.

    Consistent with how the Department administers its other health care benefits, VAC established a fixed rate of up to $8.50 per gram, whether taken in dried marijuana, or its equivalent in fresh marijuana or cannabis oil.