Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on June 4, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I order from Hello Cannabis?

  • Well, we don’t sell any products! We’re not a dispensary, so we can connect you with the right Licensed Producer who carries the medicine that you need.

What are your hours?

  • You can find us in Dundas from 9-5, Monday – Thursday, EST, and from 9-4 on Fridays.

If you’re not a dispensary, what do you do?

  • We act as a concierge service, connecting patients with healthcare providers, and then with licensed producers. We facilitate patients getting legal access to high quality medicine, and provide education on how to administer that medicine.

How do I get my License?

  • We can help you get your prescription, which is a long-form Access Document that gives you access to the license of an LP (Licensed Producer). If that’s what you’re looking for, we can help! There are six simple steps:
    • We take some information from you so we can contact you easily
    • You complete our self-referral intake questionnaire
    • We book you an appointment with a Healthcare Provider
    • We help you register with a Licensed Producer
    • You wait for your registration to be processed (processing time varies based on LP)
    • Place your order!

How much will Medical Cannabis cost?

  • It depends on your medical needs, your LP, and your titration plan. The average cost per gram is anywhere between $6.50 – $15, depending on strain, company, and any promotions. Most Licensed Producers also have Compassionate pricing discounts for lower-income patients. Your Patient Educator will help you find the right LP for you if cost is a concern.

How will Recreational Legalization affect Medical Patients?

  • Most LPs are taking steps to ensure that supply will still be available for medical patients after recreational legalization. Additionally, there will be different products available for medical patients versus recreational users.

Is Medical Cannabis covered by my group health plan?

  • Certain Insurers are allowing medical cannabis coverage through spending accounts. We’re going to see a shift once there is a DIN (Drug Identification Number), which has been said to be coming in this calendar year.

Can I take my regular medication while using Cannabis?

  • The short answer is ‘yes’ – the long answer is that Cannabis is a great tool for reducing your use of other pharmaceuticals. Your Patient Educator can help with specific questions about medications, but as far as we know there are no contraindications with other medicines.

Can I take my Medical Cannabis travelling?

  • Yes and no! You’re able to travel with your Medical Cannabis within Canada, but not over any borders. You’ll require two things, should you be traveling with their medical cannabis: the container it was shipped in and your receipt for purchase.  A patient’s authorized medical cannabis should always remain in its original packaging. When traveling by air, patients should contact their airline to understand their policy regarding travel with medical cannabis within Canada. If the airline allows for it, patients should be able to declare their medical cannabis and store it in their carry-on luggage.

If Cannabis is going to be legal anyway, why should I get a prescription?

  • Great question! Between insurance beginning to cover cannabis, and the ability to claim your cannabis related costs on your taxes, financially it makes sense to get a medical prescription if you need one! In addition to that, though, there’s also product availability concerns in the recreational market – you might not be able to get the products you need and the advice you want by just purchasing recreationally.

Delving Deeper

Will Cannabis help with my Mental Health concerns/issues?

  • Cannabis isn’t a cure-all. There are definitely applications to do with mental health, and we will happily help you find a treatment that works for you. For more information on Cannabis and Mental Health, check out this blog post!

I’m looking for the Charlotte’s Web strain. Can you help me find it legally in Canada?

  • Currently, there’s no legal source for Charlotte’s Web. However, we can help you find a high CBD solution that should have similar effects. One of the key features of the Charlotte’s Web strain is its low THC content (less than 0.03%), compared to the high CBD content. One of our educators will be able to help find a suitable comparative oil or flower, with a titration and dosing plan. For more information on the symptoms that CBD helps with, check out this blog post!

I want to try Medical Cannabis, but I don’t want to feel “high.” Is that possible?

  • Absolutely. Different cannabinoids will affect you differently. Depending on the symptoms you’re looking to relieve, different strains and applications will help mitigate the psychotropic effects of Cannabis. Your patient educator will take this into account when making recommendations for your medicine.

I’m looking for a topical cream, do you sell them?

  • Presently, we do not carry any creams. Topical creams are not legally sold by licensed producers. If you’re looking for a localized relief, your patient educator can provide you with recommendations of how much Cannabis oil to mix with a carrier cream! Topical creams are definitely an important part of a care regimen for chronic or acute pain, skin issues, and other medical concerns.